Ctrl+tab patchmap menu bug in b25

hi all,

the .NET framework gets the hiccups (in beta25 on Win7 32bit on Boot Camp) when the marvelous and incredibly useful ctrl+tab-patchmap is invoked after a subpatch is closed. i could not find a thread on this, so maybe its just me?

start vvvv // ctrl+shift+p for new subpatch // ctrl+tab to see patchmap // change focus to new subpatch // close subpatch // ctrl+tab again


ai diki,

sounds reasonable, but i cannot reproduce it. are those really exactly the steps to reproduce?

hi joreg,

strangely enough, i can’t seem to reproduce it consistently anymore, either. there have been some windows updates in the meantime, so i’ll chalk it up to my installation.

edit: or not?

quite confident we have fixed that for betas>25