Hello devvvvs,

since we don’t have colors in vvvv (I already made some post about that… :)
ctrl+h shortcut is fundamental to keep visually organized my patches.
the problem is that it doesn’t work so confortable:
if i select a bunch of nodes-links, some of them are already hidden (light grey), then I press ctrl+h, they basically will invert their mode (black>grey or grey>black) wich is annoying: i manually have to select each node and change it.
the strange thing is that this doesn’t happen all the times…
would be possible to simplify the behaviour of the shortcut?

  • when multiple nodes are selected,
  • if all the selected nodes type(black/grey) don’t match,
  • then overwrite all nodes type with the same value.
    it just takes 0.1s to double pres the key so it doesn’t matter which type gets written (if grey or black)(I suggest grey)


+1 yes yes yes

+1… no text …

+1… no text …

indeed. please check latest alpha and see if thats how you expected it.

ohhh yes :)