CTRL+G 45beta32.0.dtd

Control+G doesn’t work as expected in both b32 x86 and x64
there’s a naming problem with the 45beta32.dtd file
“could not find file E:\projects\vvvv_45beta32_x86\lib\45beta32.0.dtd”

just seen this friday in the alpha version every time:
-group something, save subpatch to a location
-save and quit everything
-start project, subpatch is red

not sure if related, hsl join to colorpin of a subpatch (dx11 btw.) works as expected, disconnecting results in loosing, change of color in pin and subpatch

just tried latest beta, yeah grouping is broken like circuitb stated

renaming the file to 45beta32.0.dtd temporary fix the problem

a pity that we didn’t catch it in the alpha builds. thx for the report, will be fixed in upcoming bugfix release. in the meantime i’d suggest following the advice given by circuitb.

4 weeks later, any idea when this bugfix release will show up…

at least Ctrl+G would be nice if this would just work again. i don’t want to confuse my students with editing some “strange” file ;)

out now: vvvv45beta32.1

cheers… no text …