Ctrl+Click inside a loop region creates a border control point

When you Ctrl+Click inside a loop it creates a border control point which you can rename to a point you have on your actual border.
This will allow access to the element in it from anywhere within the loop - this is actually really useful but evidently not intentional behaviour


I think the fix here is to polish this as a feature.

  • The point starts with the symbol of an accumulator, will change icon to splicer if copy-pasted and linked to a splicer, same when deleted and restored with undo.
  • It creates input/output control points alongside with it.
  • The control points that are created automatically will rename with the point you are actually renaming, but cut off at the last character if another point with the name already exists.
  • If you delete any of the points, all points will be deleted.

Quick video demonstrating this:

It’s kind of an unreleased API, as far as I know.