Crossfade between 2 Videosources?


I try do get a crossfade between 2 Videosources (Webcam and TV-Card).

I’ve successfully added the sources to the patch with VideoIn (DX9), but now I don’t know how to get along with this?

Do I have to use the VideoTextures?


yes. use 2 videotextures connected to the 2 videoins and connect the 2 videotextures outputs to 2 quads. connect those quads via a groupnode to the renderer.

now connect a setalpha node to the second quad. set its color to white and use the alpha value to fade it in/out and reveal the underlying first quad.

you can also use the Blend Shader from User shaders to create some more elaborate fadings. You can connect two video textures to the shader and fade with the “Source2Alpha” pin.

THX @ joerg and ampop

Thanks guys for answering a question I was also trying to figure out ;>