Cropp texture with cv contour? why this drift?

Hello all !
I would like to track a blob thanks to the CV contour and then grab the dx11 texture of this blob with a cropp operation.
unfortunately there is like a shifting when the blob is at the top, bottom right and left of the image… which is weird because my contour is perfectly fit and attached to the blob:
here’s at the output of the cropp effect:

when the blob is centered:
(on the left the blob, on the right the cropped texture).


when the blob is not centered:

I can’t figure why is there such a shift ?
any help would be appreciated :) !
thanks in advance !
here’s the patch:
cropped_cv.v4p (32.9 KB)

Hi you can transform the texture directly on the quad layer Capture

Nice tip david…
I still don’t understand why the crop doesn’t work as (I) expected…
but the texture transform works-
many thanks !

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