Creating video texture with static/snow?

Has anyone already created a patch for adding static/snow to a video texture (like television with bad reception)?

I suspect it’s not too difficult to do, but since I’m a newbie, I’d rather not reinvent the wheel if it’s already running somewhere ;)

Haha, I was doing that today… well, I faked it (no shader), but still.

Just get a snow/static texture (random generated black/white pixels), and than at random do a Texture transform.

Hope some one can fix the weird ‘can fill a queue in 1 frame’ thing I noticed. I am building a rather heavy patch, so I wanted to be able to shutdown the texture generaration section when I had a snowy texture.

Today I tried it with a PNG file, so the snow is more transparant, wich looks much better. Will Upload it on my Wiki some day for you.

Edit: ahh… well… attached it anyway, better make the snow a filetexture,

edit2: Ahh… yes… had some trouble in fullscreen this way…

SnowtextureGenrator.v4p (29.2 kB)

about the snow: how about RandomSpread into DynamicTexture?

Thanks, West. I’ll play around with your patch tomorrow and see if I can add anything of interest to it and post it back.

Wow Diki, thnx for the tip :) That makes it more easy, and it lets me set some alpha values too!!

DynamicSnow.v4p (7.5 kB)