Creating Text

this is a long time wish which ghosts around in the forums since i know vvvv: creating dynamic text in vvvv

to summarize:
at the moment there are 3 ways of doing text in vvvv:

-take a gdi renderoutput as a texture (relatively slow when working with much text)
-the “text (ex9.geometry)”-node (even slower beacause of creating a mesh for each character)
-prepared textures (its fast, but cant be used for everything because it isnt dynamic)

theres something missing like a dynamic texture node that is able to create a texture out of a string and a font. it should be realy fast, maybe a bang inlet that create the texture just when banged… i think the other allready impelemted dynamic texture nodes work like this?

anyone has other ideas how to create dynamic text for (user interfaces etc…)?

such a dynamix text-to texture node should be spreadable of course…

btw i cant edit my previous post:

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text (ex9.geometry) with multiline / linebreak support would be nice
or maybe just spreadable is fine as well

dear santa clavs,

the above

plus some typographic abilities like metric/visual letterspacing, linespacing, etc (-:

we´ll keep believin´ in you

The above…, plus the ability to justify text between the left and right margins of the rectangle… (like with css: align: justify)