Creating shapes with bezier

how can I connect the end points of a bezier line for getting a shape which can be filled with colour or texture or videoIn?
The bezier line editor from sanch is perfect for creating bezier curves, but its not possible to get a shape, connect creates a shape but it seems not to be possible to fill an controll it??

while you can close bezier lines by using the last point as the first, i´m sorry to say that filling bezier curves is currently not possible.

Pity, so probably I try to find a workaround with 3d-objects.

You can use the output spread of the bezierspread to build a mesh with the dynamic mesh node , or use the grid node with the arbytrary point transform node , it´s a litle bit triky but it´s possible ,

here is a try:

bezier line 2d (28.4 kB)

thats quite complex, I’ve to get into it. The mesh first appears a bit little, when I change the camera view (zoom) its not screened correctly.