Creating nodes in patch dynamically from an OSC message


I was thinking if it’s possible to have a patch on one machine which listens to OSC messages of special format and creates instances of nodes dynamically.

For example when I get message /create/bla I instantiate a node DynamicNode with name set to “bla”. And dynamically connect it to some master node.

Remote patching in a sense.
Is it possible?

Yep, just check CreateNode (VVVV).

mmmm its possible
i think its a great idea,
i think it will be easier to have bouth pc on the same network sharring a folder, and when you create your patch on the PC1 ( lets say main pc ), you save it on the other pc with a specific name…
and you send the osc message with the local path of that node and the bang to create it

if not, you can send the xml by osc, but i wont do such thing by UDP,

@vjc4: I want vvvv running only on one machine, others don’t know about it
@alg: thanks, I’ll try to implement this idea using CreateNode

hi there are some modules in here that maybe handy for your purpose. I was trying to do that via dinamyc plugs not sure if it is posible yet.