Creating groups (subpatches?)

Let’s say I create a quad and by using a linearSpread and a transform node I create a single object composed of many quads (please see the attached patch). How could I use the generated object as if it was a primitive object (like the quad itself). Is that possible? I tried to do this using subpatches, but I could not figure out how to connect the inputs and outputs to make this work.

I’m pretty new to VVVV, so please forgive me if this has been answered before. I could not find an answer here at the forum.

Thank you,

color spiral.v4p (5.7 kB)

in this case the IOBox (Node) works good. but in general its an individual task. you have to take care of the spreadcounts…

color spiral.v4p (9.4 kB)

nice patch…

i am still often surprised about a simple patch.

@tonfilm: Thanks a lot! It solved! I’m amazed that I could not find a usage to IOBox (Node) until now :)
Actually I don’t fully understand it, but it works. Could you please elaborate a bit more when you say “but in general its an individual task”?
Thank you for your help!