Creating fluid & abstract imagry

Hi everyone.

I’ve quite a silly question I guess, however I’d really like some assistance.

I’ve been using Vvvv for about a year or so now, and I am very slowly getting to grips with it. However most of what I’m doing is with simple geometries and colors. Quads with simple coloring… Nothing amazing.

The sort of things I want to be making are abstract fluid such as the image below.

I’m not asking how to make this particular thing, but what sort of things should I be looking at, or does anyone have similar patches they could share so I could explore and see what’s going on.

At the moment I’ve no idea where to move from the level I’m at, to something a little more advanced like in the image.

Thank you :)

there’s no simple answer to your question.

but you’re lucky and can learn it here (for example):

I would love to go to node, but unfortunately that’s not possible and the workshops are sold out anywho.

I’m not really in need of a simple answer, nor anyone to do it for me. I’m more in need of a direction in which I should be looking at, which will surely help me more than stumbling around in the dark on my own, which is where I’m currently at :(

checkout all particle contributions, there are a view :)
just type particle library in the search

texturefx chains … esp displacements and feedback loops

particle shading
and pixelshaders in general is a good start

Thanks a lot guys. I’m going to get on it right away :)

Is it worth me looking in to HLSL as well?


OK I’ll get on that.

I’m currently working through Of Effects and Shaders. I’m not that experienced with text coding and I don’t know if I can really delve in to both at the same time. Would it be worth continuing with Of Effects and Shaders and then looking in to HLSL or vise versa?

Thanks for the help.

It’s probably best to learn how to work with shaders in vvvv before learning hlsl.