Creating/destroying objects

hi, my name is ‘matt’ and i go by ‘ksp’ …and my login details are ‘in the post’

thanks for everyone for sharing patches. it’s a great way to learn.

i am not sure of the correct terms (i am coming from a 3d / game tech background).


  • i would like an amount of objects (eg. boxes) to fly towards the camera.

this would involve randomly creating (spawning) objects in front of the camera, have them fly towards, and past the camera, and then disappear (get destroyed) when they have gone out of view. a new object will then be created at the start for every object that is destroyed.

how would i get this to continue looping?

i have just been looking at a patch by desaxismundi called ‘bubble’. this patch creates (spawns) random bubbles. they go up the Y axis and dissapear (get destroyed) when they reach a certain height. this seems to be along the lines i need, but i don’t… quite… get it.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

one way to do that is to create fixed amount of objects
and make them disappear when reached a certain distance to the cam
then translate away from the cam give random pos and make visible again
the other way is to use the particles plugin which does this automatically

see this… no text …

flyobjs.v4p (8.6 kB)

i think i get it now.

the lfo is given 40 different phase positions to start. each of these then ‘wraps’ back to the begining when the lfo reachs 0 (or 1), gets given a different x & z position, then starts moving again.

matt / ksp


If you want to kind of “destroy” them you can use view frustum culling node as well. Thus you can save render power.

flyobjs_frustum.v4p (27.7 kB)

wow, that’s a neat trick. that will be usefull. thanks.
i think i understand a bit more now. just getting my head round how vvvv aproaches using the 3d space.

matt / ksp