Creating Cubemaps - simple solutions - Using Apps like Photosynth etc


I have been wondering about this for a while. Ive just started using Photosynth on my smartphone and I am simply amazed by its ease of use.

Is it possible to create .dds (or png etc then only convert) cubemaps from apps like Photosynth or other panoramic applications?

It would be even helpful if someone points out that using photoshop, stitcher, NVidia exporter or a 3D software is still the only way to do it.

Its just so simple creating 360° Panoramas with apps, would be great if there would be an equally simple export/conversion solution :)


thank you for this question. i just tried :)
send photosynth image by email and the rest is super simple in vvvv.

panoToCube shader is doing all the work
save cubetexture with writer.

wow this is amazing!

edit - ah no android photosynth :(

tried anything else similar?

double edit - :)

i used photosynth (iOS)

wow thanks for the reply! It works :)

I guess getting higher resolution via email is not possible. But its still very cool :)