Creating creatures

Hi, im pretty new to this.

I would like to create some jelly fish like creatures and have these gently swiming around but i dont have a clue where to start?

if i create the animation in flash can i import them in to vvvv?

Is this the best way, or would i be better creatng them all in vvvv?

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If it needs to be 2d,
I think you can start with a good texture (or a stack of animated textures) mapped on quads.

Searching around for a math formula to simulate some kind of jellyfish shapes could be a workaround too but more complex.

And yes you can use the flash renderer to play flash animation (could be the simplest).

If it needs to be 3d,
You can modelise it with a 3nd party modelling software and import the model as an x file or maybe go for dynamic meshes using some jellyfish formula (if that can be found not sure of that).

very basic answer but @work and time lacking.

Hope it helps.

Hi, thanks for your advice,could you possibly point me in the direction any examples of ,

‘a good texture (or a stack of animated textures) mapped on quads.’

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Maybe some good photoshop brushes could do the trick.

You can create one picture by jellyfish’s states (playing with photoshop tools to deform the initial texture in order to create the illusion it’s floating arround). That would be the tricky part.

You can use a spread of images into filetexture, accessing each pics via getslice and looping around getslice with an lfo.

If anyone has a better solution ?

you easily (ahem, relative easy) can use

as animated textures for e.g. one or more Quad (DX9) as the most basic renderobject for a Renderer (EX9) .

move around this object(s) with some transformations.

and have a look at Heading (Animation) !
will automate the direction of your objects with movement.

example following soon…

a quick hack of an example

almost no explanations in it.
and some parts a little to advanced for a newbie,
sorry for that…

play around and try to understand.
disable parts and/or change settings.

when you have the clue you are some steps further…

another1forSamUK.v4p (22.5 kB)

have a look at Mr.Wiggle

I did some really realistic (3D) fishes with this shader. It comes with a great helpfile