Creating anaglyph effect from a Video

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I’m trying to make some anaglyph effect, using the anagyph shader, but only from a single video. I now that it will never be the same as making different rotations in 3d. But the result doesn’t has to be perfect… just some flavor and a reason to use the 3d glasses…

The most simple way to do it is to transform the quad of the video. For now i just scale both quads different to get the separation, but I would like to know if there is some kind of distortion transform, or maybe another pixel shader that would make some insteresting effect.


You will never have a 3D Effect on a 2D Video.

You can have the Effect on the Quad if you can get the parallaxe right.
I think the simplest way (like producing 3D in a 3D Software like 3DMax) would be to have 2 different Cameras, which are slightly translated on X. Take the 2 Renderers from the cameras, use them as a DX9 Texture and additive blend them. Change the colors of the 2 renderers according to your glasses (red-green, red-cyan,…) …

that should do it…
the anaglyph shader does the same i think

i’ve seen a 3D performance (anti-vj) …with glasses
but it was not the anaglyph technique…monochrome glasses…
perhaps desaxismundi can provide more informations
about that :)?
not sure the 3D effect (offset + blend on two renderer’s) was made in vvvv
anyway it works very well on simple b&w animations

I now I will never have a 3D effect. i just want to make some distortion for the anaglyph

see the patch

if the video doesn’t work, switch to the image

anag texture.rar (1.3 MB)


The 3d projections that use monochrome glasses are normally polarized lens.

One eye have lens that only allows vertical waves and the other horizontal.

You use 2 proyectors, with the same polarization angles than the lenses and voila, a great 3d effect.