Creating an average/mean spread from several spreads

Hello vvvv’s

Ive ben trying to figure the is problem for a couple of days now but just cant figure how to do it with a sensible solution.

I have an FFT spread but only need to sample out 30 samples of the overall frequency range so for example i am only sampling a spread between 20Hz and 800Hz or so for the available range. this bit is easy.

I then Que the data so i get several bin sizes of 30 samples each of a frequency power spectrum in time, so now i have a great big spread of 1500 made up of 50 bins.

Now for the tricky part, i would like to find the average power spectrum for various bin sizes and display it in a visual form.

So the first line would be the immediate power spectrum (bin 1), the next would be the first average, the average of bins 1 to 5, the next average would be the average of bins 1 to 10 etc and so on…

Can anyone offer any advice, essentially i just want to select several bins in a spread and display the average of that as another spread of 30. it should be simple bit I’m missing something. Little example patch attached!



Attempting to average out an fft spread (9.0 kB)

Does this help? Not sure if I followed you…

AveragingSpreads.v4p (14.0 kB)

the solution is simple indeed, let’s all praise @woei for his vector sized nodes. see patch.

btw, the slice count of queue is framecount x input bin size, so if you want 50 frames of 30 value blocks enter 50 as framecount, not 1500 which would add up to 45000 slices.

AveragingSpreads_VectorSize.v4p (11.7 kB)

@Everyoneishappy yes. you followed me, although my description wasn’t too good, thanks for the solution :)

@Tonfilm, brilliant, thanks, that is exactly what i was looking for, and thanks to Woei :)