Creating an App from scratch

It’s a match.
Look, this proposal fits perfectly to that request:
How to create an application from scratch


What’s happening in your workshop?
We’ll patch a small App from zero to .exe. Our widget library of choice will be VL.ImGui. If you were ever scared about the Reactive-Observable-Woodoo, then Channels are your friends: so easy to set up, notify and react to whatever user wants from your app. We’ll use them to bind the UI and the App’s brains.

What will people learn?

  • How fast it is to click together an UI by using VL.ImGui library
  • How to wire that UI to App’s brains by using Channels
  • Update, Load and Save app’s state / its settings
  • Enrich UI with custom 2D graphics (rendered with Skia)
  • Combine UI with 3D graphics (rendered with Stride)
  • Tips & tricks about using VL.ImGui

Who is it for?
Everybody who has a quick and useful app in mind, that is just waiting to be patched and exported.
(please submit your ideas in the comments below)

What knowledge do you presume your participants have?
Basic understanding of VLs language methodologies (pads, regions, spreads)

A session is 3h. How many sessions does your workshop need?
1 session / 3 hours

What’s the teaching level?
Beginner to Intermediate


Whoop whoop!
How about making a Time Tracker?


No Idea how you’ve got the Idea, but this one will be released soon.
Polishing at the moment.



This workshop is confirmed to happen on May 4th. Sign up here:


By the way, I just watched this workshop video, and it is so gooood. Anton prepared quite well, thanks very much. 😆