Creating a visualiser (sound graph)

Hi all !

I’m working on vvvv since several weeks, but only on the video analysis part, now I’m beginning in the (huge) graphic generating part of vvvv and I’m a bit lost in it.

I would like to create a nice sound graph (or visualiser, whatever you call it :) ) to go along with a Puredata patch I’m making. (using osc’s to send audio signal from pd to vvvv)

I’m looking for something like this :
not the same, but in this way.

Does anybody know a tutorial, or patches I should look at to learn about creating sound graph in vvvv ?

hi crasse , as a start have a look at ScopeSpread (DShow9)
FFT (DShow9) nodes and place the spread that comes out into a transform x or y pins and play around with it .

great ! thanks for your help ^^

Also Read this post about Visual feedback Reactable, check out the


The interpolatedScopeStuff is really nice !!
thanks a lot dude :D !


I managed to modify the interpolatedscope patch to get what I was expecting :)

but now I got a new problem, In fact OSCs can’t send audio signal, so I can’t send sounds from pd in an audiostream form, I need to use the fiddle~ box to get control numbers from the audio output to be able to send it.
So I’m sending amplitude (Db) value, and individual sinusoidal components (peaks) values, and other stuff like pitch value.

So, Is there a way to replace the AudioIn node with all these values and link them to the ScopeSpread node (to draw audiolines) using other nodes as bridges ?
or do I have to use another kind of node to translate these values into audio graph ?

hi maybe for audio stream try virtualaudiocable to link pd and vvvv

Thanks for your help :)

I tested VAC (the evaluation one, with 2 cables) but I don’t think it can match, in fact I wan’t to send 3 different audio signals from one application (pure data) and VAC only take one stream from one application (it seems that pure data can handle multiple audio output but it’s not working very good, and not very stable), that’s why the best way is to send these signals from the inside (with OSCs) and not to take them from the “outside”.

So I’m sending controls numbers (sort of audioCurves coordinates and variation) to VVVV, but I’m still working on it in vvvv and I didn’t find yet how to draw (or make moving) an audio curve using these values.

Does anybody has an idea ?