Creating a time loop in VVVV for a dance visualization

Hi fine people,

I´m new to this forum so i hope this thread isn´t obsolete and in the right place. I´m currently working on a dance visualization for my bachelor degree.
This is the first time using VVVV.

I´ve connected a Kinect v1 via the Microsoft drivers including the SDK. Now i get a shadow shape using the “player” node from the kinect. I´d like the projection to be delayed by 16 bars, synced to a specific bpm that i get from a dj software/dial in by hand.

So i tried delaying the image with a Queue node/WarpTime node. Thing is: the performance is horible.
Since I´m on 30fps x 16 bars x 128bpm/60 there´re plenty of images to buffer. Now I´d like the recording to loop 5 times, decreasing the alpha value with every loop. So using Queue or Echo doesn´t seem to work.

Do you have any tips for me, which technique can i use without crashing my PC?

Thanks in advance.