Creating a linear spread with equal gaps between items of different dimensions

Does anyone know of a way to patch a linear spread of values so that items with different heights and widths are spaced apart equally?

For example: I’d like to create a row of quads with varying widths, but I want the space between each quad to be equal. Normal linear spreads just render a quad at each point along the spread which means that there might be large gaps between two narrow ones and two wide ones might overlap. In theory there should be a way to determine how much to offset each spread value based on the width of each quad, but I haven’t been able to nut it out.

Any thoughts?

hint 1: feed the spread of widths of your quads to an Integral (Spreads)

as joreg pointed out

EqualGaps.v4p (8.9 kB)


I was looking for that exact thing and skipped over it.

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