CreateNode w/o freeze?

im using v4 for vj, composing small patches of visual trickery wich i then play/edit.
for mixing the patches i use 2 x CreateNode as the 2 channels.
problem is v4 freezes while loading/saving the patches.
how can i ?

Setpatch/createnode always puts a little tick into the output % think it unavoidable, longer delay are caused buy loading assets (have you tried the load in background pin on filetexture and xfile loaders?)
If patches have a lot of content/subpatches they take longer to load as well. You can minimise this by if the patches share assets have them load in a patch that doesnt change and send them to the patches that do. Faster harddirves may well help too.

i remember reading a post about getting rid of the freeze by means of 2 computers, one for loading and one for rendering…
if this is true, can you describe the path i should work up to ?