Createnode versus


I have a background in a few event driven GUI based environments, like flex/flash or java/android. there are containers, like views or activities, to put things on one screen. the user can switch between these containers.

is there a usual approach for this in v4? i saw the CreateNode demo from Catweasel, an i tried the ( 10th anniversary ) demo with the switch node.

so far I switched my ‘scenes’ with one big group node, fadein/out, stopped some aktivities in offscreen patches, but for a greater applications it becomes confused and unwiedly.

Perhaps someone can give me a hint whats the best way to do this.


i have come accross the same issue. as far as i understand it there are several ways to do anything in programming. very confusing. i have used both ways to swap scenes and not come to any conclusions.

I’ve mostly moved to using the evaluate pin on sub patches, you get rid of the freezing when you switch, but you can have initialisation and memory usage issues with lots of large patches…