any example on how to use custom enums?


Good one… no idea what it does…

have a look on my module

it is not very intuitiv and still a buggy feature, but it works!

tnx david.

couldn’t understand why other strings appear on custom enumerations and i can see the same problem in your patch.

it seems like NULL node messes up default enum state ‘(nil)’ and if you play with Enum and Receive pins and switch Enum to ‘Empty’, Receive pin - instead of ‘(nil)’, holds some ghost string or even a spread of them.

now, if you create other enumeration nodes like IOBox for example, the same ghost values will show as default.

here is the only bulletproof solution i found:

  • upon creating NULL node, switch Enum pin to ‘Empty’
  • save, QUIT COMPLETELY and reload
  • check that Receive pin on NULL node shows ‘(nil)’
  • create everything else you need for custom enumerations if you didn’t already
  • copy/paste NULL nodes for all custom enumerations (do not create new nodes!)
  • connect all IOBox (Enumerations), Enum2Ord and NULL nodes
  • only now select custom enumerations from the bottom of the list on NULL nodes and never touch them again
  • save and continue patching

Good tips MajorTom, I’ve had real nightsmares with custom enums showing random enums!

just a note:

it is necessary to create all needed enums in one patch. cause, even if enums are created clean in subpatches - ghost strings pop up.