Create folder

It would be nice to have a feature which automatically create a folder when saving for the first time…and inside the .v4p file and a subfolder called data or whatsoever…like seen in processing or other softs…would be helpfull!!!

i once “started trying” a module wrapping a command line tool similar to what my SendEmail (Network).v4p does.
well, another orphan unfinished patch in the depth of my folders.

but there is a freeware extension for the windows explorer “bxnewfolder” i never want to miss anymore.
it adds a symbol and F12 as shortcut for “Make New Folder”.

386 kB - click picture for direct download link.

…for projects i have a folder template which i copy once at the beginning of patching.

download link hidden in HowTo Make Patches Portable

was working on a modul which collects all subpatches/files/.fx/etc into a certain folder structure. however, it’s resting at the moment. if anyone is interested in completing it, i can hand it over, if not i’ll probably finish it next year…