Create Enum

Im using davids GetnodeId module, and have come across a bug I’ve had before.
Xpath gets the correct name for descriptive nodesand feeds them to create enum.
Null is getting descriptiuve names, but the drop down list is incorrect, if I set Patch alias to 0 it gets the names of the nodes in the getnodeid patch, but when set to 1 it gets the names of another patch somewhere, in fact it looks like from a couple of other patches.
I do have another getnodeid elsewhere in the larger patch, but it is a seperate copy of the module on the harddrive rather than an instance, could this be the problem?
It is getting the right id via the enum2ord, but you have to go through each wrong descriptive name to get to the one you want…


JUst a thought, I seem to remember some saying that if you set a nodes ID to a negative number vvvv wont change it, is this correct, as this would be a work around for me here? I am using set patch to switch nodes so would this be an issue as well?