Create dds textures

Hi there,

I’m trying to create some dds textures like volumeMaps or cubeMaps…To achieve that i’m using the nvidia nvDXT tool but the process fail each time i try to create some cubeMaps…there’s is a Photoshop plugin within it but doesn’t work for me under CS2 (should be easier that way!)…so i’m using the executable…writing this:
nvdxt -cubeMap -file filename.tga-output
But maybe i have to prepare the original texture in a specific way or specify options in the command process…My knowledge into texturing isn’t that deep…if anyone knows…would be nice…


i had troubles creating dds when the image dimension exceeded 2048x2048 althought nvidia should support 4kx4k textures.
and if the file wasn’t quadratic.

and in photoshop either backgroundlayer + alphachannel or layer with transparency w/o extra alphachannel

I create my .dds textures (mainly volume textures) with gimp and this plugin:

and im very happy with it. i tried that nvidia tools first but i found them rather buggy. this plugin works great for me…
the cool thing is that it uses the normal layers for the mipmaps, volume slices and cube map faces.

I’ve been using ATIs CubeMapGen which is available for free and works great (though I’m still hoping on a way to create such surfaces from within vvvv in realtime).

sven, dynamic texture is able to create cubemaps and volumetric textures. just set the texture type in herr inspektor.

Thanks a lot everybody for fast and precious answers:)
i’ll try this as soon as posible and give some feedback here…

@elektromeier: As far as gregsn told me, these types are only placeholders yet.

volumetextures can be created with dynamictextures, cubemaps not.