Create and control custom LED display

Hi vvvvusers,
I want to create a cheap custom LED display for indoor uses but I have few confused ideas. Obviously I want to show my vvvv render on it.

So, my questions are about:

  • which kind of LED panels
  • which kind of connections
  • which kind of controller
  • which kind of protocol/connection to vvvv

I hope someone lights me the right way…


A good start is the light according to @catweasel

@velcrome: Teensy 3.0 + OctoWS2811 LED library seem a good way to go! What about ethernet connection for Teensy 3.0? More confortable instead of USB connection. In the contribution page you suggest a Wiz module. I found this page but I think I have to modify the OctoWS2811 library to send UDP packets from vvvv to one or more Teensy.

Any help?


no, but if you make progress with the ethernet thingy feel free to share