Create a cuelist for theatre performances / workflow advices


I am working for theatre shows, and trying to develop future projects with vvvv.

I am experimenting vvvv since some time now, and I somehow manage to create the images I want. And I have to say I’m quite impressed by performances.

But I have one big question: How to organise all these pieces of patches that I have done to be able to run them one after one ( and mix them… ).

That’s maybe a worflow question, but I’m used to program images for let’s say for different moment of the show, when starting production, and then try to organise them.

If some of you has some advices for me, it’s very welcome !


maybe svvvvitcher can help you?

Thanks for your answer.
Very interesting… More questions to come soon I guess !
It doesn’t really fits my needs but that’s a very good example of patch organisation for me.

Have a look at Iris.

I have two typical scenarios for theatre installation: fixed timeline (e.g. dance performance with pre-recorded music), cue by cue with “stretchy” time (e.g. triggered events in dramatic play or opera with live orchestra).
one main problems is

  1. seamless switching between two heavy and very different generative patches/theirs outputs (by organizing accurate preload all textures and meshes)
  2. another problem is “resource management” and enabling the subpatches only for the time you really need them
    Timeliner is very powerful tool to arrange the cues in time, but it isn’t very handy (yet): no undo, lame UI and I didn’t get the proper working in subpatches, als SubTimeline
    my last project I’ve done without Timeliner arranging different cues with Morph (Value) and Decay for timing.
    generally i would recommend to arrange the installation as one MAIN patch with output screen module and with many different independent Subpatches (e.g. one for every separable scene).
    so in case you get the problem you can find the source by splitting them.

Thanks Dimix, You point quite well what I look for, witch is resource management after puting all my “scenes” together in a patch.
I work on non fixed timelined shows.
I am investigating on the sunpatch way.
That’s maybe a noob question but is there a simple way to desactivate easily process of a subpatch ?

every subpatch, or module has a hidden pin Evaluate. you can make it visible in Inspektor and turn it OFF