Creare "Depth Map"

Can i create a “Depth Map” with vvvv?

  1. From video (for eg, formats: avi, mp4, mov and etc.)?
  2. From 3d object? And what’s format that my object must been (for eg, formats: vrml, fbx, alembic, obj, 3ds)?

hei onkatn, i’m afraid your question seems rather unclear.

ad 1) what do you mean with “depth map from a video”? as you know videos are 2d, so what would you expect such a depth map to look like?
ad 2) have a look at girlpower\Graphics\DX9\Texture\DepthMap.v4p and tell us if that is what you’re looking for. regarding loading meshes with DX9, see: and if you’re going DX11 there are even more options…

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