Hello again everybody.

vvvv keeps crashing, I don’t know what I am doing wrong :

I have a main.v4p
there are subpatches in there, mainly filestream(vlc) that reads random video in spreads from different directory.
They all have different effects (particles applied on video, transform, video effects etc)
In the main patch, there are switches that jumps from different subpatches to subpatches.
the outputs are 3 renderers(DX11). (3 monitors projections)

after switching to 3 different subpatches, vvvv crashes.
Is there a way to flush memory etc?
I attached a info(DX11) to the switch selector IO node to clean the cache, I have Evaluate pins available everywhere. and still, it crashes.

Thank you for your help…


oh additional info : when I jump to a new subpatch, I keep hearing the sound of the video coming from the previous subpatch… so filestream(vlc) could be reading the video even though I am not using it?

A patch is worth a thousand words

also, Render(TTY) may give you some info

Rather than switching subpatches, which can cause issues, especially with filestreams, try setting evaluate to 0 and using a group to hide the layer, everything stays loaded, but doesnt use too much cpu

@io : here
Main.v4p (30.1 KB)
video random.v4p (54.1 KB)
1video3rend 3-1.v4p (24.2 KB)

@catweasel : I don’t get it. then within the renderer, all the videos are piled up?

maybe I don’t have the right way to structure the whole thing?

Thats where the group node after the subpatch is used, to disable the output with the enabled pin

there’s a new “Enabled” node in latest dx11 that can be used like that group nodes. should be a bit cheaper.

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