Crash with Text(EX9) and Text(EX9 Legacy)


When editing a older patch with current 45beta26 I noticed that I had 2 different versions of the Text plugin in it (Text(EX 9) and Text(EX 9 Legacy)), but referencing the same DrawText.dll .

To clean things up I updated the legacy nodes which unfortunatly crashes vvvv now.

Have a look at this [patch sites/default/files/user-files/
To trigger the crash select the last Group and call the inspector.

Trying to trace down the problem I also started vvvv with the /showexceptions option but did not get any data, just this:

The bug is not too severe to me because rebuilding the module from scratch worked without any flaws. It just seemed to be the mix of legacy and new plugins (that both seemed to reference to the same DrawText.dll). (3.1 kB)

It’s ok that both Text (EX9) and Text (EX9 Legacy) refer to DrawText.dll or in future VVVV.Nodes.dll.

The out of memory exception is of course not ok. Thanks for reporting and providing a test case, fixed for upcoming release (beta > 26).