Crash with OpenCV IntrinsicsReader without File Input/wrong path

As already reported earlier (and fixed) here OpenCV "EstimatePose" Node input crashes vvvv if no Intrinsics are set [2021.4.6] [VL.OpenCV.2.1.0] I just realized this happens again in 2022.4.12 (stable).

If there is no file set to IntrinsicsReader, vvvv will crash. This also happens if the .vl was moved to another location without copying the Intrinsics-File or when copying parts of the HelpBrowser.

Find demo attached (Caution, vvvv will crash ;))

OpenCV_IntrinsicsReader_BROKEN.vl (43.1 KB)

i understand you’re saying opening this file would crash vvvv because the file referenced in the IntrinsicReader is not present. but for me it runs without an error. are you sure you’re using latest VL.OpenCV?

Interesting, I will check it on another machine and about the OpenCV Version. Thx