Crash / what is Access violation at address 5BA48400?

00:52:54 ERR : Exception occured in TMPluginWrapperNode.Evaluate
00:52:54 ERR : Access violation at address 5BA48400. Read of address 5BA48400

Hi all, have a patch that says good bye quite often.
Does this error report point to something, it’s the same address each time.

45beta33.1 / 32 & 64

Any hints, cheers jannis

hm that could be anything - looks like an unhandled exception inside any plugin node - does the message come from tty? did you tried vvvv´s log feature as well ? i guess the only thing you could do is try to find the node which causes this. i don’t know if a node which drops an exception into tty will also gets blue in debug mode - but its worth a try.