Crash on saving to other locations/opening Patch. OpenCV PoseEstimate Aruco Markers Detection

OpenCV: attempt to detect different Aruco Markers by ID crashes vvvv.

Tested in stable 2021.4.2 and 2021.4.7
OpenCV 2.1.0

Crashes vvvv straight after opening. When I try to repatch it, it also crashes.
WithAruco.vl (66.5 KB)

And a second attempt, also crashed after I first saved it in another folder then the original help patch:
HowTo Estimate the pose of Aruco markers_DIFFERENT_IDs.vl (51.7 KB)

Might be related to this one OpenCV "EstimatePose" Node input crashes vvvv if no Intrinsics are set [2021.4.6] [VL.OpenCV.2.1.0]

It just crashes if you save the Patch based on the EstimatePose-Help-Patch in another location, even if the instrinsics-file is in the same place.

One way to reproduce:

  1. Open help patch “Estimate the pose of Aruco Markers”
  2. Save the patch to any other location
    → vvvv crashes :/

And here’s a clean rebuild from scratch which works, but same behaviour if you Save As → in another folder → Crash

HowTo Estimate the pose of Aruco (16.7 KB)

Workaround: If intrinsics-file is from the beginning in the same or relative folder, you can save in this folder and later copy or move the files to another location.

See also here

Thanks. this sounds indeed very much related to the EstimatePose issue you linked, which is fixed for upcoming VL.OpenCV.

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This is now fixed as of release 2.2.0


Hi, I’ve just tried with OpenCV 2.3.0 (Gamma 2021.4.8) and it still crashes on reopen when saved in different folder

Are you sure you are using the right version? VL.OpenCV has this particular issue in which you need to manually remove older versions when you install a new one.

I would suggest you try and delete all OpenCVSharp and VL.OpenCV versions from your AppData directory and then install the latest.

If it still crashes then it’s on us :)

I just did that and still crashes, sorry

please be more specific and describe exactly the steps needed to reproduce the crash.

  1. Open help patch “Estimate the pose of Aruco Markers”
  2. Save the patch to any other location
  3. Open saved patch - vvvv crashes

do you close vvvv between 2. and 3.?

also, if you save a patch at a new location, the patch of the new location is already opened… so could you tell us in even more detail what you do or record a screen capture?

I have tried to open the patch after closing vvvv and also after closing only the patch and it crashes anyway
It apparently saves the patch to new location and it keeps working (doesn’t seems to reload the patch)
It´s only when you close the patch or vvvv and try to reopen the patch when it crashes
…sometihng like this…

confirmed. the previously mentioned fix was only fixing the problem with the EstimatePose node. but in this particular patch the Undistort node has a similar problem. thanks for the pointer.

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this is now fixed for upcoming release of VL.OpenCV

New release 2.4.0 is out including this fix


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