Crash on osc activity from eyesweb


I have on previous occations experienced that max/msp has crashed when recieving signals via osc from eyesweb. I have solved that problem using speedlim to reduce the amount of traffic and that seem to work well.

today I have experienced the same behaviour in vvvv, eyesweb is sending signals to vvvv by osc and after a period of time vvvv freezes. when eysweb is not running no freeze ups occur.

I have redused the bandwidth eyesweb is sending and that makes the crashes less frequent, but it still crashes. till now it has only been running for a maximum of 15 minutes. is there a node that will do the same as speedlim in max/msp or is there another way around it.

the recieving of osc is based on the examples in the documentation pages, here on, made by kiilo.

I hope someone can help, I am running out of ideas on what to do.


Sune P

stumbled over the same problem receiving udp data from reaktor.

did you already set the queue mode on discard?

it didn’t solve the problem completely. at the end i used a workaround having a pd patch queuing and filtering and then sending it to vvvv

nkay…how can we go about debugging this?

discard-mode definitely makes sense, but still i have no idea what could make vvvv crash.

just to exclude one possible problem: if you don’t connect the oscdecoder to the udp-server-node, it won’t crash, even for 30min?

so it is definitely the oscdecoder? what kind of messages are you sending from eyesweb? can they get particularly long?

Sorry for the late reply, but stress and busyness has kept me more or less offline, when it comes to checking this forum.

The problem was very straightforward and the solution very easy.

We discovered that once the datarate from eyesweb was reduced, the patch would run longer without crashing.

we then discovered that the patch would run better when the renderer was in a window that was maximized instead of fullscreen.

that lead to the discovery that the screensaver was not disabled. and that was the solution, disable the screensaver and the patch would not crash anymore.

thanks for the alway rapid replies, this forum is a fantastic resource.

Sune P