Crash on opening exported exe-file


I have got a problem with the new exporting executable feature:
I can export a sample patch but when I open the exe-file, it crashes.
Win 10.

Thanks in advance!

maybe it needs the font as asset copied to the output dir? just a wild guess

Thanks for the reply!

I tried it without the text node, and it still crashes.

vl crash3

Interesting. You do not have by any chance Visual Studio 2019 installed? If you would, you could open the generated solution file under the src directory, press F5 and maybe get some more info what’s wrong.

did you see a visual studio installer during installation? it should have installed Visual Studio Build Tools 2019…

Yeah, now it is working!

Apparently, there was a problem with visual studio build tools.

After uninstalling visual studio build tools 2017 (which was on my computer simultaneously with visual studio build tools 2019) and restarting, it worked.

Thank you very much for the help!

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