Crash + hang windows

my problem is similar to an old catweasel prob that never got a reply:- > “I’ve been getting a crash on exit, mainly seems to hapen with video playback patches, on beta8.1, still cant use beta9 for video, tried a number of drivers…”

this is happening to me now…using 13.1

did anyone ever figure it out?

I’m trying to play 1024x768 wmv video fullscreen (using nvidia 7900gt with latest drivers) on both windows xp and xp 64 and I’m getting the same problem with both. Playback stutters (sometimes) and sometimes disappears. Have tried various bitrates and other codecs too and still get this. On exiting vvvv often crashes and locks windows so that I have to restart. Any ideas what it might be - does anyone know a specific nvidia driver that was a good one for the 7900gt?

PC is a brand new one with a quad core Q6600 and 4 gig. I know there’s problems with multithreading but is it really so bad that a brand new pc can’t play a single fullscreen video? the cpu actually doesn’t go above 10% utilisation anyway…


Have you tried restricting vvvv to one core only?