Crash backup and set window for patch

hi, is there a way to backup straight from the node graph you running patch, so if v4 crashed or you loose the power on the computer you still can backup it somehow.
yesterday lost one and half hour of work when i try ed to unplug a microphone and 4v crashed, and then when i restored the state of the patch, at some point guy step on the power button of an pilot so all the setup went offline, and i… just well decide to play last hour way it is…
might be save on change node or something like that would be really cool or way to restore something like .tmp files it’s just wank to don’t have an ability to restore a previous state

you can look at the ~.xml file next to the patches… if you rename those to .v4p they are previous versions of your patch

yea i don’t need previous i need current, all i do is realtime, so when something happens i need exact same as in the moment it happen…

probably this helps:

or autosave

Can we implement something so if your patch opens on 2-d monitor you still can re-open it and force a it to a first screen?

quite sure it’s easy to do with setpatch, some modulo that tweaks window position and saves … anyone might have something ready for that?

I’ve come across that many times! Yes a patch for that, or to make patches always open on the monitor your mouse is on would be good!
I’ve had to alt+2 and drag it around a few times when this has happened with a fullscreen monitor…

that one obviously ridiculousness, i think it’s have to be fixed
bad thing that you need also a kinda setup and kinda patch for that to test
hate also when that happens with open file dialogs etc.
so alt-2 and drag it around… hope it will work out