Crack vs auto registry

does vvvv.exe not install itself since beta25.1 ?

is using crack.exe the only way ?

if so, i urge you to put at least some commandline feature into vvvv.exe to get the old behaviour back. why ? i’m used to start my projects on XP with a batch file. this installed the software automatically. now it complains , i have to start crack.exe first.

the vvvv folder is hidden in some project folder structure, i don’t want to tell my customers to go into some subfolder and execute crack.exe

pleeaaaasssseeee, make something like vvvv.exe /install
thank you

I am with U7 here (and Kalle, if I remember his other rant correctly).
Understanding the geek humour, it kind of destroys the credibility off vvvv, putting it away as some half working tool that needs tweaks and cracks to work.

We accept your Nsync addiction and girl-power fetish, but it has to end now!!

no no, i do not complain about crack.exe itself. i dont mind the name or the function but i want to be able to use the old install behaviour as well…maybe with commandline. its just tedious have to use crack and not being able to just start vvvv.exe and everything works…like it was before

we wanted to get rid of having to start vvvv.exe as admin so we put all that registration stuff into crack.exe

betas>25.1 will come with a /silent commandline option on crack.exe that will try to register everything and if it succeeds will exit without showing the GUI. if any of the required stuff is missing it will pop up the GUI to show whats missing.

like this you’ll be able to run it from a batch file, like:
crack.exe /silent
vvvv.exe /o foo.v4p

cheers mate