Crack links and links on Download page broken


Im trying to install a copy of VVVV so have gone to crack and found the items I need to install however the link buttons seem to be dead links. I then went onto the downloads page and saw the links there too which also seem to be broken. Tried googling them and downloading separately but the crack program does seem to acknowledge that they have been installed.

hei simon,

i just tried the links and they all work. also if you install the correct downloads crack will acknowledge that they have been installed even if you did not download them via crack.

maybe the links were down temporarily, so please try again.

Ah I found out it was my install. The setup is an xp virtual machine on Windows 7. Not sure why but for some reason both ie and chrome on that box would allow access to websites but not at Microsoft. Com checked firewall and anything else blocking and finally found that stopping the dns client through services.msc solved it.

Thanks for your help as without it I would have kept assuming the links were at fault

Now my question is how do I close this thread as resolved