Crack.exe is not a liar but you do not speak Spanish

I’ve finally found the reason for the red box in the crack.exe: if you install C++ 2008 SP1 (x86) in Spanish (the 3rd crack.exe link: still have a red box, but vvvv is working. Installing them in English, all green{img)) src = “Snap001_0.png” }

Same with german.

interesting. now i don’t know how they’re messing this up exactly. there is supposed to be guid for each version of the pack. and now it seems the guids are different per language!?

  • did you install the 2010 redist also in spanish but it showed up green?
  • are you familiar with regedit? if so, with the spanish 2008 redist installed (and crack showing it as missing) please open regedit and search for “9.0.30729.17” this should show up on the right panel and then i’d be interested in the key name this is found under. so just rightclick the corresponding key in the left panel and select “copy key name”. should return something like:

the screenshot was made with the Spanish version … did not know if the red box was a problem but vvvv worked (as you see). to avoid complications i formated the laptop and installed the regedist again, this time only in English, and the square turned green. no problems since then
sorry joreg, but my knowledge is zero on regedist