CPU Usage when Mouse over IOBoxes

one can max out the cpu usage of vvvv (and freeze the renderer) by moving the mouse around over an iobox, especially if there are multiple ioboxes with multiple values inside the patch (see attachment).

boom.v4p (4.8 kB)

on my old winxpsp3 laptop with an ati firegl v5000 this patch uses 0% of cpu no matter how i move my cursor about…whats your trick?

hmm … i can 100% reproduce what diki is describing above.

“mainstream office desktop” with WinXP and nvidia 8400GS


0% winxp sp3 with nvidia 8800gtx

“i can 100% reproduce what diki is describing above”

me too.

win vista 32, ati radeon hd 3400 series

i’m on a macbook / 1.8GHz / WinXpSP2 / Intel Graphics Chipset;
glad to hear it’s not one of this specific setups’ oddities.

i had same problem on sp2 but 0% on sp3. trying to find main difference

i always had this same problem from my vvvvery beginning ( .17):
xp sp3 / Radeon 5850 / quad core tower 2.5ghz
or xp sp3 / Intel 945 GM express / monocore centrino 1.7ghz

could that be that old idea of “On click”/“over box” ?