Cpu -> tv

what is the easiest way to connect a computer with a standard monitor output… no svideo or av outputs… and a regular tv?

the easiest way is to use a scanconverter. there are cheap ones like trust televiewer and on the other end of the wallet is the barco encore system…

if u want quality, good conversion of frames, no flicker,jitter etc. u need to pay lots of money. everything else is kind of rubbish and u would be safer with a s-video output of your graphiccard.

so what i’m saying is…don’t buy cheap vga-to-composite converter. they might be ok for still images but not moving pictures.

i think the easiest way is getting a cheap graphic card with an av or svideo out.

any quick recommendations for preferrably and external graphics card that may work… because i only have access to a laptop atmost… otherwise interals would be okay as well. thanks!

a video camera

as far as i know has almost any notebook a s-video out, or at least an adapter for the second display connector to s-video or composite…