CPU pretends to go to 100%

I’m not certain that this is a bug per se, but it seems to fit here better than anywhere else.

I find that whenever I fullscreen a dx9 renderer, any cpu meter I have running (usually the one within litestep, but also rainmeter and, I think, samurize) immediately slams to 100% and stays there for some period of time, usually about 30 seconds or so. However, the weird thing is my system doesn’t seem to bog down in any of the ways it does when I actually get 100% cpu, everything seems to be running just fine.

So, like I said, it’s not really bad, practically… but it is kind of weird. Is it possible vvvv is somehow sending “fake” cpu usage data? I don’t even have the foggiest idea what that would entail, but I figure it’s worth a mention in case it turns out to be relevant.


vvvv basically assumes you want to run vvvv, so it tries to max out the cpu at 100%. this is by design.

in windowed mode vvvv tries to run at 120fps, in fullscreen the framerate is synced to the monitor´s rate, typically 60fps. of course it might not reach that rate if your cpu or graphc card is not fast enough. but it tries to.

Use Mainloop if you want to use less cpu to render less frames. or use the background fps on the MainLoop node to set a framerate for vvvv when you have other applications in the foreground.

oschatz: okay, that makes perfect sense. Thanks for the concise explaination.