Covid19 dataset

Im currently using my isolation time to learn more about vvvv and trying to understand how to iterate through the Johns Hopkins coronavirus datasets.

I have tried multiple ways to get the dataset into a usable form so I can iterate through each countries historic and latest corona virus numbers. I felt like I was so close many times and think im doing something very obviously wrong. I have tried many different ways of splitting the data but each has a different issue. Can anyone explain where im going wrong? Here is a link to my working patch…

so what exactly seems to be the problem? we see your patch, it does something, but you’re not telling us where you have a problem exactly. if you want help with this, you’ll have to describe in more detail what you’re trying to do and where you’re failing.

Maybe something like this:Covid19.7z (4.6 KB)

The date stuff could be handled more sophisticated using @tmp’s time, this should also help selecting the respective dates.

Thank you bjoern! You make it look so easy! I’ve literally been pulling my hair out trying to split the country and get the history. I will have a proper look at you example and try to understand where i was going wrong. I think I was just trying to do it all in one go. Thank you so much again! Still so much to learn!

im curious to have a look at the patch, but im worried the zip contains a virus!