Couple of SDK notes

Couple of quick questions:

  • Is the daily binary cached? i.e. doesn’t try and download a new one if it’s already got a local copy of the right one?
  • Can we have an option to make a help patch if we press F1 with a node selected (i.e. option to make a patch in the correct location with correct filename).

i support #2. it would definitely help me to remember to document things.

Other notes:

  • I still get an issue adding CLR projects to the MyPlugins (results in an error copying VVVV.Hosting.dll in MyPlugins. This happens even if I add an empty CLR project, and removing the project never resolves the issue. It seems to be flicking a flag somewhere, and is very boring :(. The only solution is to recheckout the solution (not the project) from before the CLR project was added.

EDIT: fixed this (using the magic of git diff to see what was changing)
it seems to change the platform from ‘Any CPU’ to ‘x86’ for MyPlugins.csproj in the properties of MyPlugins.sln. Changing it back solves the issue. wupp!

little more:

  • For help patches, is there a way of making 1 help patch for multiple nodes?

ad 1) maybe have a look in scripts/fetch-binaries? shouldn’t be that hard to edit and contribute back.
ad 2) sounds good…
ad 3) not that i know of. would probably be possible by adding a property to the node info. needs to be discussed i guess.

copy paste rename the helppatch :)

@woei - smart arse :)
it doesn’t help that the vvvv save dialogue doesn’t remember the last folder you used
and it’s easy to get a typo in the name since there’s not really anywhere to copy and paste it from (except maybe NodeList?)