Counting people in a room with kinect azure

I would like to count the people in a room with 3.5m height and 7 m of diameter with a Kincect Azure and its 120° WFOV wideangle mode, using the Depth Image as a Source for blob detection.

Any recommendations on that? Will it be suitable? Latency or precision doesn´t matter so so much, I just need to register when someone enters or leaves the room.

Is it more straightforward to use an IR Camera for that purpose? If yes, any recommendations on modern IR Cam hardware? The last time I used an IR Setup I used a modified Playstation 3´s Eye Cam (320x240@120fps with Zelluloid Visible Light Filter), but I imagine there are now better vvvv compatible solutions available.


Ah yeah, the good old ps3 eye mod… those were the days =)

Depending on the door size, I think you could also get away with something like two ultrasonic sensors, if you just want to count. But yeah, kinect totally works fine. You can put it top-down and get a ‘slice’ of the depth texture to do 2d blobs, or mount it anyhow and use dx11 particles for 3d blobs or particle ‘hitboxes’.

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