When Counter(Animation) values for minimum and maximum are the same, it outputs zero instead of freezing at this particular value.

the code at this point reads:
// having max=min doesnt really make sense anyway… so slightly disturb the user…
if max=min then
c := 0;
overflow := true;
underflow := true;

if there are no objections i would remove the slight disturbance and change the code to:
// having max=min is also cool
if max=min then
c := max;
overflow := upbang;
underflow := downbang;

In my case, the counter node is part of a module which may accept a range of 1 to n counter steps. When there is only one counter step, it just freezes and only bangs upwards or downward. So having min=max is cool and makes sense - at least for me ; )
Please change it.

hmm. sounds reasonable…

is there no “PatchAround”?

most of these behaviours which you my dear user describe as a “bug” is in fact a piece of code with a comment on top of it which says something like “slightly disturb the user here”.

but in this case. well. i would say:

  • lets put out min or max if min=max
  • react with an overflow on an up
  • react with an underflow on a down


i just discovered another strange behavior:

counter is always on default value

  • in first frame
  • on reset

this is cool in all cases when you use it as a kind of frame counter and constantly have “up” at true. then it starts from the default value and the output grows each frame, which is cool.

however in other cases you might want to trigger a up in the first frame (which is internally just handled like a reset). this doesn’t work in the current implementation.


  • this was no topic of discussion yet
  • compatibility issues would arise (legacy module would be needed)
    i won’t change anything on the behavior now. however this is the place to discuss what should happen on reset and on first frame after node creation.

I found a bug I think

If I change the min value on a counter and reset, the output is max_value - min_value

I am on vista32sp2 and beta21 I will check on xp later


counter-beta21.v4p (2.8 kB)

well, i’m on windows 7; but:

*Minimum = 4
*Maximum = 15
*Default = 0
*Mode = Wrap
i do expect this result.

the Default is out of range, so gets wrapped into the range.
IMNSHO this is the desired behaviour.

*set Default = 4 and a reset results in Output = 4
*set Mode = Unlimited and a reset results in Output = 0

ah, thanks kalle

now I get it… just didn’t notice all the pins, when will I learn?

beer for you when we meet a some point


and btw how is life in Frankfurt?

dear sune,
o n l y in case the place we meet again has no beer i’d also feel comfortable with any islay malt whisky…