What is actually the resolution of Counter (Animation)? What does it count? If I use Counter (Animation) and Stopwatch (Animation) at the same time… Than… well… It doesn`t look compatible.

Hm, sorry, the question was wrong. I mean, the Counter counts bangs. Its OK. But if I connect Stopwatch to the counter, than they don`t seem to by synchronised.

hmm. the Stopwatch is supposed to count in Seconds, not Frames.

OK, but if I connect Stopwatch-output to Counter-input… Than what does the counter counts? Frames? How much frames per second? It doesn`t look like 25 fps…

A patch in vvvv runs at a certain framerate, this means how may time per second all the nodes are “checked, used and updated”.

Create a node Timing (Debug) to see your framerate, this depands on your computer, and how heavy your patch is. With heavy I mean for example very big spreads, or a big patch with many many nodes, or heavy math or…

Your 25 fps is something for video, not for computers ;)

TimingWithCounter.v4p (8.0 kB)

aha… I see. Seems like nothing is constant.

25 are not myne :)